Limestone tiles are normally light in colour, however with impurities such as iron oxides and organic materials they can take on a variety of colours and surface markings. Limestone flooring has been used for many generations and is becoming an extremely popular flooring material offering timeless qualities.


Natural limestone flooring is rapidly becoming a popular choice with architects and interior designers looking to create a striking and modern design feature, combined with durability and ease of maintenance. It is increasingly specified throughout interior and exterior flooring projects.

The durability of our Limestone flooring makes it an ideal choice for use in Kitchens, Hallways and other areas of your home that have heavy usage.

Many Lime stones tiles vary naturally, this is quite normal and in many cases desirable, but you should always insist that if possible your order is supplied from a single batch and be wary of making a decision based on a single sample tile, particularly if a larger area is involved. A quarry is constantly moving forward so the sample you obtain may not accurately represent the batch you finally obtain.


We have a wider range in store, more photos coming online soon